Blackbird: Windows privacy, security and performance

From Blackbird’s website:

Don’t want Windows spying on your every move? Don’t feel like spending hours messing with privacy settings that ultimately still result in data collection? Think your private information belongs to you and no one else? Or maybe you just want a faster PC and don’t like all the new “features” Windows has to offer.

How Blackbird Works

Without going into too much detail, Blackbird employs some known and less-known techniques to fully disarm Windows while leaving the smallest possible footprint.

For instance, Blackbird does not edit the HOSTS file in any way, nor does it mess with your firewall settings.

It does not run in the background, instead relying on persistent routes and resolving hostnames to IP addresses each time Blackbird is applied by the user.

After usage no new files are left behind on your computer and you can safely delete blackbird.exe. Blackbird has succedded when you forget it was ever there. Everything our software does can be restored using the software itself or manually by hand. (*Dev.notice: Please don’t do this manually, it will take forever and is confusing)

There are other tools that claim to block Windows spying but they are cumbersome to use and not as powerful or are limited in scope. So we took Windows apart, piece by piece, analyzed web traffic, system calls, file changes,etc., compared different configurations, designed and built a stand-alone tool and spent hundreds of hours on beta testing so anyone can use it and it gets the job done right.

Personal Verdict

I’ve recently found and started to use Blackbird, though this isn’t for the faint of heart. This can potentially break systems depending on their configuration. Before you use Blackbird, I strongly suggest that you take a backup via the menu in Blackbird. (Press B at the main screen to take a backup). You can later revert the settings if you have issues.

Important Notice:

Blackbird, by default, applies certain security/privacy tweaks that may interfere with some network setups.
To fix most networking issues simply start Blackbird and press L at the main menu.