iCoExist.IO Branding & Future Plans


Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that We CoExist! is now just being branded as iCoExist.IO.

Personally, I felt the old name didn’t really go well with what I was doing. I want to drive a community of course, but the brand just didn’t feel right. I’ve worked on a new logo and I thought that using iCoExist.IO as the brand name might work just fine, since it doesn’t have any specific meaning.

Does this change anything?
Of course not, I’ll still be working on my original projects when I can, my most notable being my SoftEther installer.

What are your plans?
I know I’ve dipped off of YouTube for a little while, and I do apologize for that. I plan to have some fresh new content within the next week or so.


I’ve been working with a lot of custom firmware for routers such as DDWRT and Tomato. I wonder what ensues.