New Login Methods


I’m happy to announce that you can now use multiple third party accounts to sign in or register here at!

The following accounts are supported:

  • Google/Gmail
  • Discord
  • GitHub

Please keep in mind that if you already have an account here, your email must match on both the third-party account and your account here. For instance, if I created an account here with the email of [email protected] and wanted to link a Discord account, the email on Discord would also have to be [email protected].

If you signed up with say a Yahoo address, but wanted to link your Google account, this wouldn’t be possible since the email on the Google account wouldn’t match. You can, however, change your email here on the forum to match the email on the third-party account, then click Log In and become verified. This though, takes extra effort and is a pain if you want to switch back to an older email.