Token2Shell: A Modern SSH Client



A modern SSH client specifically built for Windows 10.


  • Use Address Book to manage servers and customize their connection settings including Auto Login and Startup Macro
  • Pin address book entries and folders to Start screen for quick access
  • Use Command Macro to create simple send/wait type script files
  • Automatically display graphic outputs from server software that supports Tektronix 4014 terminal commands for drawing lines and images such as “gnuplot”
  • Supports X11 forwarding for SSH sessions
  • Supports directly connecting to Docker containers without installing any additional program (ex. OpenSSH server)
  • Supports serial communication over USB-to-Serial adapters, Bluetooth virtual serial ports and etc. (on-board serial ports commonly found in legacy computers are NOT supported)
  • Supports Bluetooth/RFCOMM communication (Example with Windows IoT:
  • Upload or download files via SFTP/SCP hybrid custom engine that maximizes transfer speed
  • Enter once in Line Sender and automatically send it to all sessions
  • Includes Login Agent for temporarily caching credentials to minimize repeatedly entering passwords for the same SSH servers and private keys
  • Supports Agent Forwarding for the public key user authentication in SSH connections
  • Supports PIV smart cards (ex. YubiKey 4/Neo) for the SSH public key user authentication. You can also copy an OpenSSH public key directly off a PIV smart card and conveniently set up your SSH.
  • Supports direct PDF file printing over SSH or TELNET (
  • Supports local printing that can redirect remote text output to a local printer. You can also directly send the output to a network printer without opening a preview window.
  • Supports ZModem (with resume always enabled) and XModem 1K/CRC/CHECKSUM
  • Supports displaying all received data in hexadecimal format (Hex Mode)
  • Seamlessly supports all the character code pages and input methods installed on your Windows including characters that require compositions such as Chinese/Japanese/Korean
  • Supports Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum